Still from Dior and I

Dior and I, Design Synergy

I just watched Dior and I, a documentary that explores Raf Simmons’ first couture collection with the iconic fashion house Dior. What I love about this documentary is that it explores every corner of the design process. From visionary Raf to the seamstresses and tailors that work to make the show a reality.
One of the story conflicts is the ever present lack of time and the challenges one’s superiors introduce in any design team. A successful project is the effort of many and the documentary communicates this, while showing the challenges of each in the team.

The True Solar System to Scale

If the Earth were the size of a marble and the Sun were a meter, the solar system would be roughly seven miles big. This is fascinating and really puts life into perspective.
When they time lapse the orbits in the night with lights, it’s humbling.

Iris Apfel is design inspiration incarnate

Iris Apfel

Photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia, 2007.

All the genres of design affect one another. Fashion is one of those genres that no matter who you are, it has affected you. I just got done watching Iris a documentary on the legendary Iris Apfel and I am smitten with her more than I’ve ever been getting to see her present day. My favorite line from the documentary is when Iris is reminiscing about what Mrs. Loehmann of Loehmann’s said to her one day, “You’re not pretty and you’ll never be pretty… but I doesn’t matter, you have something much better, you have style.” She describes designing like improvising, as though she’s playing jazz. I love that feeling when you improvise and discover something as your arranging an idea and it’s almost like your communicating with the muses. She really excites and inspires me about design with her words and her personal style. I also love her response to Normcore. Oh please! I have nothing to do with that.