Andrew Bolton in The First Monday in May

Design and Always Raising the Bar

I just had a conversation with a designer friend at my day job concerning an issue we as designers run into sometimes. Raising the bar and keeping up with the momentum. It brought to mind a documentary I just watched. The First Monday in May is a great example of a successful project putting pressure

Pantone and People

I’m pretty obsessed with anything Pantone related. Angélica Dass has created a project named humanæ, which is based on race and on going with the objective of mapping all possible human skin tones through Pantone codes. By displaying people with their true skin color she debunks our social generalization and categorization of people in terms of

Still from Dior and I

Dior and I, Design Synergy

I just watched Dior and I, a documentary that explores Raf Simmons’ first couture collection with the iconic fashion house Dior. What I love about this documentary is that it explores every corner of the design process. From visionary Raf to the seamstresses and tailors that work to make the show a reality. One of