Inspirational Starbucks Reserve Packaging Design

Starbucks Reserve Collection Packaging

Starbucks is a favorite of mine when it comes to design inspiration. I’m also a coffee addict so their attention to good design and great coffee has always captured my imagination and satisfied my need for caffein in a tasteful way.

In an article written about the Designers Inspiration Behind the Reserve Packaging, Mike Peck, director for Starbucks Creative is quoted in saying “Our goal was to create packaging that offered the same qualities as the Roastery itself, we wanted it to have the same mercantile feeling, reflecting a fresh, small-lot, premium offering.”

I’m in love with the bright colors and the use of printing techniques such as gold foils and mixed media illustrations. It’s interesting to see such a robust collection of artwork that all follows a common thread and stays within the Starbucks branding.